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Become a Member

Join an incredible group of volunteers who are dedicated to making a difference in their community.  Assistance League of Pasadena offers unique volunteer opportunities that fit your interest and time.  As a member, you will enjoy the benefits and rewards of:

  • Volunteering and serving within your own community
  • Seeing the power of change in action
  • Being part of team who believes their participation can help make the world a better place
  • Developing long-lasting friendships
  • Experiencing new challenges and opportunities
  • Developing skills and talents you never knew you possessed
  • Using and developing special talents and leadership skills
  • Knowing about resources and becoming aware of issues in your community

"I recently joined Assistance League of Pasadena and it's been wonderful.  The other members are wonderful…so caring, so committed.  It's been easy to jump right in and work with these other dedicated individuals to make positive change happen in our community."

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